Major soy processor in the Far East
We have been in the market of soy growing and processing since 1999.
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Soybean oil
Soybean oil is best suited for infant nutrition and has a strong anti-cholesterol effect. Soybean oil is rich in vitamins A, D,E,F, phospholipids and other useful components.
Soybean meal
Soy oilcake is the most valuable high protein component of mixed feed for all groups of pigs, cows and poultry. It can replace the main sources of animal protein.
Extruded full-fat soybean
Extruded full-fat soya is a perfect feed for all species of animals and poultry. It has a high nutrition value and is a good source of protein and amino acids in feed rations.
Soybeans are often called a miracle plant due to the high content of plant protein and other useful components.

Other production

Corn grains
Wheat grains
Feed mixtures
Oat grains

How to sell

If you want to sell raw materials, fill in the application and send it to us. Our managers will call you back and offer optimal terms of purchase.

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More than
tons of soybeans will be sold by the end of 2019
More than
years in the market
More than
More than
of extruded soy will be produced by the end of 2019


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Soya Company has been in the market of soy growing and processing since 1999. New technologies, modern equipment, highly qualified specialists, competent managers, direct contacts with suppliers – all of these advantages allow us to combine quality and price and to ship our products just in time.

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