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It all started in 1999 - at that time, at the disposal of the management there was one machine (pressure press) and a pair of working hands. About 300 tons of soy were produced per month during that period. Soy products were sold only in the city of Khabarovsk. In the same year, equipment of the American company Insta-Pro brought from an exhibition was started to use for the production of a new product - full-fat extruded soy.

At first local agricultural producers felt skeptical and a bit wary of the new product, as a new experience, so it was mostly delivered to western regions of the country, where it was already known. Marketing to Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk was developed.

Huge work was carried out by research institutes. With the participation of the Far East Institute of Agriculture, a study on the use of products by closed joint-stock company Soya in feeding farm animals was carried out. Positive results were found and local farms received recommendations to feed their livestock and they started to introduce full-fat extruded soy into feeding.

The management did a lot of activities to win the trust of agricultural producers. The products were transferred for analysis to Authority of Poultry Industry and to open joint-stock company Agroenergo and every time positive results were received.

Though the company had some financial and economic difficulties, CJSC Soya managed to withstand and continued developing, increasing production volumes, expanding the geography of marketing, establishing close partnerships with agricultural producers.

After analyzing production costs, the management concluded that transport and energy costs took up the largest part. The Company decided to find the compromise that meet the wishes of their partners and to reduce the price of products it was decided to open units geographically closer to raw materials (in Jewish Autonomous Region). That let reduced transport costs significantly.
The location of the enterprise is due to geographical proximity to areas with soil and climatic conditions most favorable for soybean cultivation, big agricultural potential of agricultural producers of the region, proximity of local finished products consumers and access roads and railway routes.

CJSC Soya has so far become a financially-established enterprise, which has joined the ranks of fodder producers.

Company today:

CJSC Soya is the leader in soybean processing and the only producer of full-fat extruded soybean in Khabarovsk Territory.
CJSC Soya effectively operating enterprise, having great prospects in the development of soybean processing. Our production is expanding, and existing production facilities are constantly modernized.
The Company is constantly meeting the challenge to improve the quality of produced products and we have achieved significant results in this. We respect our business partners, seek long-term cooperation and are responsible of the work we do.


We guarantee that all products sold by us, are of the highest quality, which is confirmed by positive feedback from our partners.
The company's products are present in many regions of Russia: West Siberia, South Ural and central districts of our country.
The company has a long-term relationship with consumers from China.
The company regularly participates in regional exhibitions of agribusiness. The products were repeatedly awarded with 1 and 2-degree diplomas for quality and importance of our products in animal breeding.


Company’s concepts:

  • New technologies
  • Modern equipment
  • Competent Management
  • Highly-qualified specialists
  • Raw materials of high quality
  • Customer orientation

Application of new technologies, modern equipment, competent management, highly qualified specialists, direct contacts with suppliers allow to balance quality and price of our products and deliver soybeans and extruded soybeans according to the needs and orders of our clients.


Today the Company is a cohesive team, each member of which is a professional. Our specialists know their business very well and are constantly improving the level of qualification participating in seminars and courses.


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