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Soybean oil

Soybean oil

Unrefined (pressed) soybean oil is produced according to the specifications TS 9141-453-00334534-2006.
Unrefined soybean oil is a natural product that contains plenty of useful substances. Pressed oil, compared to refined and deodorized oil, contains more useful ingredients. It is the richest source of vital fatty acids. Without using organic solvents, extracted soybean oil is rich in vitamins, phospholipids and other useful substances. Soybean oil contains about 60% of the natural antioxidants of their total amount in soybeans. The value of natural oil is determined by its content of vitamin F and polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, D, E. Soybean oil is best suited for infant nutrition, as it contains substances necessary for the formation of the central nervous system and visual apparatus. Soybean oil, due to its strong anti cholesterol effect, is recommended in case of high cholesterol content in the blood. It is even similar in composition to fish fats - they contain the same polyunsaturated acids. Phytosterols contained in oil in large amount have favorable effect on skin and rejuvenate it. Soybean oil contains sustainable proteins. It is considered a record holder among other vegetable oils in terms of the number of micronutrients, it contains vital fatty acids, including a big amount of linoleic acid, which inhibits the growth of cancer cells.


Refined Deodorized Soybean Oil

GOST 7825-86

Indicator name


Colour number, iodine mg 

not more than 70


Acid number, KOH/g mg 

not more than 1.5


Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances,%

not more than 0.2


Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances, in terms of stearooleolecitin %

Not more than 0.3


Peroxide number, mmol/kg

not more than 5.0



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